Open my eyes, in this pitch black
nothing to do when this pain comes back
I see nothing, becaming numb
I just say, my love is dumb.

feels like yesterday I was looking at you, in the other side of the mirror, never to touch, forever dreaming. I know something wrong with me, all I can do is watch, but the words escapes me and this damn silence keeps you far away, far enough for you to forget me.

As the music dies I embrace this night
let go all I know, turning the dagger that I forgot
cause this friend..well is all I got

As the son awakes, and the shadows are formed
the fear returns: I don´t belong to the night anymore.
expose to the world, but no one else is able to see
where are you, beatiful creature?
where´re my praing going for?
still caging in this loop, awaiting for you to set me free.

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